Zebulon folks (where Alice and Jimmy Ray grew up):

Alice Murphy - K Morgan Prikazsky

Daddy Murphy - Ben Willis

Mama Murphy - Kerry Kane

Jimmy Ray (Dobbs) - Vito Longo

Mayor (Dobbs) - Scot Saggiomo

Stanford - Ron Harris

Dr. Norquist - TBA

Hayes Creek folks (where Billy and Margo grew up, Margo’s bookstore):

Billy Cane - Ryan Canavan

Daddy Cane - Isaac Weber

Young Daddy Cane - TBA

Margo - Annie Fabiano

Max - TBA

Florence - Kathy Bartlett

Edna - Annie Glasgow

Asheville folks (Alice’s Southern Journal office):

Daryl - Isaac Weber

Lucy - Chrissy Ryder

Raleigh folks:

Government clerk- Wendy Germond

Well-dressed woman - TBA

Choral and Dance Ensembles, including 3 spirits (TBA):

Cameron Cole

Brandy Engel

Bridgette Ernst

Jean Grahm

Tiffany Jhingoor

Madyson Paige

Carol Stashko

Caitlyn Westfall